Come enjoy the first full burlesque show by Sinners Dollhouse & Burlesque Dance Antwerp!
A group of ladies, all passionate about burlesque, sensuality and dancing.
Group songs, solos and duos with corsets, feathers, glitter, glamour and so much more!
Enjoy our Trailer ‘Welcome to the Sinners Dollhouse 2015’

Welcome to the Sinners Dollhouse

All the beautiful ladies will welcome you together!
An energetic group dance with a variable number of dancers, to a song from the Burlesque movie, by Cher.
This choreography needs a clean floor that the dancers can gracefully lay down on.
Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.


Sugar Rush by The Candy Girls

Imagine yourself in the colorful 50‘s with upbeat music, swing dresses and smiling girls.
Funny, energetic and no striptease elements so very suitable for any retro-oriented event.
Up to 5 dancers. Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.
This choreography needs a clean floor to roll on flirtatiously.


Take It All

Time for some classic burlesque, the ladies will add some more strip to their tease.
A sultry and powerful song, and the dance is likewise.
Number of dancers can vary.
This choreography needs a clean floor so the dancers can smoothly crawl over it.
Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.


The Sinners Dollhouse Circus

Let the serious magician, her jumpy bunny, the graceful dancer and the cute clown show you their energetic circus!
More modern song and no striptease elements so very suitable for any circus-oriented event.
Up to 4 dancers who need a clean floor with enough space. Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.


Yes Boss by The Sultry Secretaries

After the hours some secretaries leave their responsibilities and go a little naughty ; )
Slow, sultry, naughty song with movements in duo that are sure to make you blush!
Number of dancers can vary. A clean and spacious floor is needed.
Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.


Big Spender

Where are those big spenders?
A classic chair routine in black-and-red showgirl outfits danced to a classic song.
Number of dancers can vary. Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.
This act needs sturdy chairs without armrests so they can be used to elegantly dance over/under/around it.