Burlesque teacher training

Want to help others to discover their inner sensuality trough the art of burlesque?

Use your time to get an Online Certification and become a burlesque teacher.
Follow our burlesque teacher training & launch your own classes Online and/or Live!

Who is this burlesque teacher training for?

  • Aspiring burlesque teachers, ready to spread their love for the art of the tease.
  • Dance teachers wanting to launch a new style and/or improve their teaching skills.
  • Burlesque dancers that simply want to improve their knowledge and techniques.

What to expect?

Hands-on information & coaching to help you get started in teaching your own burlesque classes.

An online course with:

  • in-depth e-book (38 pages in Dutch/English)*
  • 38 pre-recorded instruction videos*
  • access to live online classes to practice
  • online meeting with your coach
  • 7 assignments
  • acces to a private facebookgroup with inspirational content & network oppertunities

*The content of the e-book & videos:

  • History & background of burlesque
  • Class & workshop format (structure & setup, class vs workshop, online vs offline)
  • Basic steps & movements
  • FAQ
  • Checklist to get started

Once you subscribe you get acces to our private facebookgroup.
Every 3 days you get an email with a new chapter of the teacher manual and short assignments.
You plan live online classes/workshops to practice and meeting with your masterinstructor together.

What is the result?

  • Continued education: You develop new skills from teaching and organizing your own classes to creating choreo’s and techniques. The facebookgroup has additional resources to help you and will continue to grow.
  • Community: You become member of our Sinners Dollhouse teachers network so we can promote you and your activities, learn from and inspire each other. In our private facebookgroup you can connect with instructors from all over the world, ask questions, inspire each other and get support.
  • Choreo & class plan: You have own made ready to go classes and choreos.

What is your investment?

For 295 euro and a few days of your time, you can follow our online program.
There are 2 payment plans available: 1 term and in 2 terms.

Who is your instructor?

Lilith D’Licious is a Belgium based, raw classic tease with a geeky heart. She is the Headmistress of Sinners Dollhouse where she takes on the roles of teacher, choreographer, dancer, solo artist, and producer.
In 2011 she discovered the glamour and empowerment of Burlesque and fell head over heels in love. End of 2012 she started teaching Burlesque herself. Later she founded her own Burlesque troupe Sinners Dollhouse & opened her own dance school Antwerp Dollhouse. 
Since 2012 she has been evoking emotions from audiences through her storytelling burlesque acts and dance skills. She has graced the stages of several international burlesque-cabaret-variety shows live and online. In 2014 she won the ‘Master of Assels’ medal during the Burlypicks Dutch Edition.


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