Lilith D'Licious

Mini Biography

Lilith D’Licious is a Belgium based Burlesque dancer who tries to put the dance back in Burlesque dance. Her acts are sultry sweet, playful and a little naughty – a little ‘good girl gone bad’. She is the Headmistress of Sinners Dollhouse being a teacher, choreographer, dancer, solo artist, producer,…

Liltih D’Licious was born November 27th 1990 in Antwerp as Sarah Dries.

She has had a passion for dance and stages since her childhood.

Like many other young girls, she started with ballet, which she learned in the Antwerp Basic Ballet School ‘Prinsstraat’. She was a member of the Ballet van Vlaanderen Musical Company as a child.

Through the years she followed various classes and international workshops. She is trained in a wide range of dance styles such as ballet, jazz dance, hip hop, street dance, flamenco, Oriental belly dance, pole dance, ragga, Argentine tango, …

She has extensive stage experience, not only with dance but also with theatre and musical.

In 2011 she started following Burlesque dance lessons and in January 2013 she started teaching Burlesque herself in Antwerp.

As a Burlesque artist she performes since 2012 and the Netherlands. In 2014 she won the price ‘Master of Assles’ in The International Burlesque Circus – Burlypicks Netherlands – the Dutch edition.

She continues to follow various workshops concerning Burlesque dance, strip-tease and other dancestyles.

More information and pictures on her personal Facebook page

The Green Showgirl

Get a glimpse of a Las Vegas stage with a lovely green showgirl.

Lilith is feeling good and peels off her green and black showgirl outfit while dancing to the lovely tune of Michael Bublé.

This act needs a chair and a safe space on the ground, a bar, a big table or something else to lie down on.

Green Showgirl – Youtube


My Bad Angel

Wanna see this sweet angel reveal her inner sexy devil?

This good-girl-gone-bad act has a cute and flirty style with a funny twist.

The venue will need some cleaning afterwards because this angel loves confetti!

Lilith will need to hide some props on the stage before her act.

Bad Angel – youtube – 1:42


A tribute to the moon and all that’s female!

Inspired by the rising moon , this dance is influenced by both belly and veil dances, and includes more than enough shimmies and pearls.

The act needs a kind of hook or system to hang the moon on.


Moon Princess – Youtube

A burlesque journey

Wonder if Lilith was born a confident woman?
Get a glimpse of her transformation from a girl next door to a lady who loves being who she is.

She performs this act to a song specialy made by an other burlesque artist, the incredible band Worlds&.

This act needs a clean and safe space on the ground.


Princess Leia slave

Let princess Leia convince you to free her of being a slave.
A classic bump and grind act with a geeky twist.

Lilith Wants It All!

Why settle for less if you can have more?

Lilith’s version of the classic Whatever Lola Wants song with live singing, followed by a feather fan dance to a James Bond movie tune.

This act needs a wireless microphone and a clean floor so Lilith can gracefully lay down on it.

Watch Lilith wants it all on youtube.