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Lilith D’Licious is a Belgium based, raw classic tease with a geeky heart. She is the Headmistress of Sinners Dollhouse where she takes on the roles of teacher, choreographer, dancer, solo artist, and producer.

She has been enamored and experienced with stages since childhood. Like many other young girls, she started with ballet, which she learned in the Antwerp Basic Ballet School ‘Prinsstraat’. She was a member of the Ballet van Vlaanderen Musical Company as a child.

Her love for showlife pushed her to train in various dance styles (such as ballet, jazz dance, hip hop, street dance, flamenco, Oriental belly dance, pole dance, ragga, Argentine tango, …), theatre and musical.  

In 2011 she discovered the glamour and empowerment of Burlesque and fell head over heels in love. End of 2012 she started teaching Burlesque herself. Later she founded her own Burlesque troupe Sinners Dollhouse & opened her own danceschool Antwerp Dollhouse. She continues to follow various (international) workshops concerning Burlesque dance, strip-tease and other dancestyles.

Since 2012 she has been evoking emotions from audiences through her storytelling burlesque acts and dance skills. She has graced the stages of several international burlesque-cabaret-variety shows live and online. In 2014 she won the ‘Master of Assels’ medal during the Burlypicks Dutch Edition.

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Lilith D’Teacher

Lilith has been teaching burlesque classes and workshops since 2012 in different styles.
Find out more about her Burlesque classes, Chair dance classes & Burlesque teacher training.
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