Nowadays bulesque has a lot of subgenres, some inspired by to old days – called Classic burlesque – and others are new since 1990 – Neo burlesque. Here you can find a short summary of some Neo burlesque subgenres.


The art-forms drag and burlesque developed separately over the years and for different audiences, but elements of both have intertwined over the years. Nowedays the dragscene is using burlesque (strip)techniques as seen in for example RuPaul’s drag race and burlesque using drag elements evoloved in the Neo burlesque subgenre Draglesque.
Draglesque includes gender bending acts, woman as drag kings, men as drag queens and gendre fluid acts. It’s all about challenging the idea of gender.
There is no specific draglesque style of music. People often choose upbeat music with rhythms & accents to play with.

Curious about genderbending?

  • Be inspired by a draglesque example from Belgian burlesque performer Zoe Bizoe: genderfluid.


The Neo burlesque subgenre called Gorelesque or Grotesque Burlesque is horror and fetisch inspired. You could describe it as a homage to B-grade horror movies, fetish, the macabre and all things that go bump and grind in the night. It is more of an underground scene with performance art involving the use of fake blood, bondage and fire.
It is a subgenre that doesn’t just push the boundaries of imagination and decency – it obliterates them.
There is no gorlesque musicstyle, but performers mostly choose more raw music like rock, Industrial and metal.

Want to dig deeper in hell and create darker acts?


Boylesque (a play on “Boy” and “Burlesque”), also known as “Bro-lesque”, Manlesque or simply “Male Burlesque” is the masculine take on Burlesque and can be described as comic strip with a story. The male version of burlesque dates back to 1880, but the term was only first used in 1960 and became a thing around 2006. Before that, the performers of male burlesque were just ‘male burlesque performers, male exotic dancers or drag queens’. These days boylesque performers can be cis men, trans men or women in drag.
You can perform manlesque to any music that resonates with you.

Ready to develope your masculine side?

  • Follow Manlesque classes and discover the masculine take on burlesque, embrace your masculine side and show it proudly with dance as inspiration.
  • Read more about the history and it’s founders in Dutch: ‘Wat is boylesque?‘.


The Neo burlesque style Nerdlesque is inspired by popculture and geek stuff. Performers take inspiration of movies, comics, games and such. This subgenre lends itself for the world of cosplay, where people dress up as their favorite anime, cartoon, superhero or another popular culture character.
There is no specific musicstyle to perform Nerdlesque to. It can be anything from pop to movie or videogame soundtracks.

Let your inner geek come out to play!


The Neo burlesque style Rocklesque is a tough yet feminine style.
It is playful, sexy and sassy with a bad bitch vibe. Typical moves in Rocklesque is hairplay, a variation of headbanging* and even playing air guitar. This edgy subgenre is performed on rock, rock ’n roll & metal music with raw vocals and heavy guitars. The overall look is inspired by the esthetics of the music genres, think of leather jacket or patch vest, boots, fishnets and smokey eyes with eye-catching accessories that are bold yet girly. Rocklesque is all about attitude! A wrong but strong and fake it till you make it attitude.

* The term “headbang” originated after a 1968 Led Zeppelin concert, when fans in the front row banged their heads on the stage in time to the music.

Ready to rock your burlesque persona?

Slow burn burlesque

Slow burn is a neo burlesque style, based on classic burlesque of the olden days.
This subgenre dives head first into what it takes to be fully present while taking it off – on stage or elsewhere! It is a way to discover your sensual self and be fully present in the now. The style is sensual, slow with an occasional faster accent, focusing on your senses and yourself. It is based on the idea that movement can be a form of meditation, supported by breathing and intention.
Slow burn is often performed to music that invites you to slow down: soft, sensual and flowy music like blues and triphop.

How to surrender to your sensual flow?