Experience Burlesque in a totally different way!
Burlesque with a geeky twist, an intimate parody show in a comically and teasing way.
The show features several geeky pop-culture references (Harry Potter, Superheroes, Star Wars, ..).
Watch our Nerdlesque 2.0 trailer on youtube.

Trailer Nerdlesque 2 0 @ Comic Sans by Sinners Dollhouse 2019

Break free

Burlesque is all about perfectly trained uniformity. Or is it?
Let these Captain America cheerleaders show you what it’s all about.
A neo-Burlesque act with stripelements and a lot of energy! Danced to a well-known Queen song.
Performed with various number of dancers. Choreography by Lily Lucious.

Poison Ivy

Sometimes mistakes cause your true nature to flourish…
A high energy act with stripelements. Danced to the well-known rock song Poisin.
Enjoy watching Lily Luscious as Poison Ivy.

Wicked ones

Supervillains who all try to take over the place and do everything in their power to get attention … How will that end?
Choreography by Palmyra La Diva.

The female joker

This psycho clown will seduce you with her wickedness and never ending smile!
An atypical act, danced to a modern rock song that will twist your mind.
Meet female joker Deedee Voloptuous.

Cheers 4 Magic

Which Hogwarts house do you prefer? Come and cheer for your favorite gryffindor, ravenclaw, huffelpuf or slytherin.
It’s a neo-Burlesque act with stripelements and a lot of energy! Danced to a well-known Queen song.
Performed with 4 dancers. Choreography by Lily Lucious.
Cheers 4 magic on youtube.

Fight for the Throne

Who will win the game of the thrones? Can Danaerys succeed in claiming and maintaining the throne without following her father’s footsteps?
An emotional, dazzling and revealing act. be careful, may contain spoilers…
7 performers for the extended version, 4 for the short version. Choreography by Lily Lucious & Palmyra La Diva.

Ravens mystery

Raven wants nothing more than to be herself. She struggles between her love for her childhood friend Mr. X with whom she cannot be herself and Magneto who prefers to see her as she really is.
Does she reveal her mysterious identity or will she remain Raven?
Miss Smartie takes te stage with 2 men to visualise Raven/Mystique and her struggle.


You will be like Uzzzz
These cybermen, some of the most persistent enemies of the Doctor, will show you what they are all about.
Performed with 5 dancers. Choreography by Lily Lucious.

Slave Leia needs to get free

Let princess Leia convince you to free her of being a slave.
No Bump n Grind this time, but a powerful, sensitive and empowering act.
This choreography needs a clean floor to smoothly crawl over.
Lilith D’Licious
 returns as Princess Leia and adds some more strip to her tease.

Talk nerdy

Enjoy some of your favourite characters have a little showdown on stage.
Number of dancers (hero’s and villains) can vary. Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.