Experience Burlesque in a totally different way!
The show features several geeky pop-culture references (Harry Potter, Superheroes, Star Wars, ..) in combination with regular Burlesque Enjoy the world of Geeklesque or Nerdlesque.
Watch the Nerdlesque 2018 trailer on youtube.

trailer Nerdlesque @ Comic Sans by Sinners Dollhouse 2018

Cheers 4 Magic

Which Hogwarts house do you prefer? Come and cheer for your favorite gryffindor, ravenclaw, huffelpuf or slytherin.
It’s a neo-Burlesque act with stripelements and a lot of energy! Danced to a well-known Queen song.
Performed with 4 dancers. Choreography by Lily Lucious.
Cheers 4 magic on youtube.

The Naughty Boy Cleaning

Where are those naughty boys?
These sexy French maids will turn up the heat with a little Moulin Rouge-style…
Slow, sultry, naughty song with movements in duo that will make you blush and all warm inside.
Number of dancers can vary from 4 to 9 ladies. 
Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.

Superfreak Harley Quinn

This crazy romantic lady likes to run free and she loves bold words and the deeds to match them.
A crazy, funny and high energy act by Trixie Dauntless.
This choreography needs a clean floor to playfully roll on it.

Boa Be Mine

Poison Ivy Harley Quinn are a crazy kind of besties.
This sensual & comic duo fights for a boa. We’re sure you’ll wish to be that boa 
This choreography needs a clean floor so the dancers can seductively roll on it. Choreography by Lily Lucious.

Princess Leia slave

Let princess Leia convince you to free her of being a slave.
A classic Bump n Grind act with a geeky twist.
Meet Lilith D’Licious as Princess Leia.

Geeky boa tease

Some feather fun with secy geeky ladies and teasing boa’s.
Time for some classic burlesque, the ladies will add some more strip to their tease.
This choreography needs a clean floor so the dancers can smoothly crawl over it. 
Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.


Supervillain or superhero? Make sure to behave or she’ll unleash frozen air from her hands.
An atypical, sensational and stunning act, danced to a modern rock song that will blow your mind.
Enjoy watching Deedee Voloptuous as killer Frost.

In need of a hero

Which hero will rescue this damsel in destress?
A more modern act to a slow and sultry song.
Number of dancers (hero’s and villains) can vary. 
Choreography by Lilith D’Licious.