Miss Smartie, dancer and costume designer.
This geeky girl loves her books and sience-fiction but above all her sewing machine.
Let her enchant you with the costumes she dreams up for most of our acts and entice you with her seductive dancing.
As sharp as her needles, Miss Smartie will teach you a thing or two about sewing…  😉

Discover more about her costume creation skills on her Miss Smartie sews website and facbook page.




She Likes The Boys In The Band

Miss Smartie seduces men with power and money, just for one night. Dangerous and flirty.
She has her mind set on a real star, will he be able to escape her seductive web?

This choreography needs a clean floor to roll on seductively.






Isis awakens

After many years sleeping besides the Nile, godess Isis awakens! Are you ready for her?
A modern burlesque act with astonishing costume and spectacular reveals.

Isis demands a clean to awaken on.