Palmyra La Diva

She is cocky, stubborn and delivers a whole lot of glam.

Palmyra La Diva is a Belgium based Burlesque dancer who loves Burlesque and isn’t afraid to show it. She loves to draw attention by being sensual, cocky and a little bit naughty (mostly all of these at the same time). She is a member of Lilith and the Sinners show group, where she performs solo acts, but also dances in group numbers. Her major task however is being a stage kitten, which means being the glue that holds the show together (picking up the costume pieces and props after a Burlesque number, setting up props, assisting the MC, gogo dancing, and a whole lot more). Additionally, she teaches workshops and beginners’ classes at Sinners Dollhouse: how to B.U.R.L.E.S.Q.U.E. with a lot of sassiness.

Palmyra La Diva was born on the 1st of November 1991 in Leuven as Tatiana Palmyra Gloria Jaenen.
As a kid she loved to dance and was trained in ballet and jazz dance. When she wasn’t going to school she was singing, dancing and performing in her own bedroom. She was determined to dance and couldn’t stop moving to almost every song that passed her ears. As a teenager she experimented with hip hop, belly dance and Zumba. Finally, as a young adult, she discovered the wonderful world of Burlesque. She fell in love with it immediately, because she found that Burlesque isn’t only a dance, it’s a lifestyle. Since then she lives and breathes Burlesque.

More information and pictures on her Palmyra La Diva facebook page.


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