We zijn een uitgebreide groep met verschillende stijlen en niet bang van een uitdaging.

Ieder heeft haar eigen stijl en acts. Kijk gerust eens rond wat we allemaal te bieden hebben.

Naast solo-acts hebben we ook groepsnummers.

Show team & SOLO NUMMERS

Palmyra La Diva

  Palmyra La Diva She is cocky, stubborn and delivers a whole lot of glam. Palmyra La Diva is a Belgium based Burlesque dancer who loves Burlesque and isn't afraid to show it. She loves to draw attention by being sensual, cocky and a little bit naughty (mostly...

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The Other Ladies

Darling of Venus Perpetually amused by the contrast of the on-stage elegance and the off-stage shenanigans. Falling off a chair while trying to look like a goddess is the funniest way of not taking yourself too seriously. More information and pictures on her The...

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The Crew

Mr Retro The co-producer and (stage-)manager of Sinners Dollhouse. He can be seen on and off stage, always stylish!             Lilith D’Licious Dancer, headmistress, choreographer & co-producer who tries to put the dance back in...

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Miss Smartie

Miss Smartie, dancer and costume designer. This geeky girl loves her books and sience-fiction but above all her sewing machine. Let her enchant you with the costumes she dreams up for most of our acts and entice you with her seductive dancing. As sharp as her needles,...

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Miss Maddie Cherry

Miss Maddie Cherry is as mad as the hatter, as lost as Alice and as mysterious as the cat. She is a Belgium based Burlesque dancer who lives her own modern pin-up life. On and offstage she is energetic, crazy in a cute way and loves Disney. Most of her acts are danced...

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Lily Luscious

Lily Luscious is a classy housewife with a lot of hidden desires for you to find out  😉           Housewife Desired Lily Luscious is a classy housewife with a lot of hidden desires for you to find out  😉 She wants to make your bread, just to...

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Experience Burlesque in a totally different way!
The show features several geeky pop-culture references (Harry Potter, Superheroes, Star Wars, ..) in combination with regular Burlesque.
Watch the Nerdlesque trailer on youtube.


My Personal Burlesque

The second full burlesque show by Sinners Dollhouse (formerly Burlesque Dance Antwerp).
More corsets, feathers, glitter, glamour, group acts and solos!
Enjoy a blog post from the film-crew, a blog post about the montage en our trailer ‘My Personal Burlesque 2016’. (meer…)

Welcome to the Sinners Dollhouse

Come enjoy the first full burlesque show by Sinners Dollhouse & Burlesque Dance Antwerp!
A group of ladies, all passionate about burlesque, sensuality and dancing.
Group songs, solos and duos with corsets, feathers, glitter, glamour and so much more!
Enjoy our Trailer ‘Welcome to the Sinners Dollhouse 2015’



Mini Biography

Lilith D’Licious is a Belgium based burlesque dancer who tries to put the dance back in burlesque dance. Beside performing as a burlesque artist, she also teaches burlesque dance in Antwerp. Her acts are sultry sweet, playful and a little naughty – a little ‘good girl gone bad’.

Liltih D’Licious was born November 27th 1990 in Antwerp as Sarah Dries.
She has had a passion for dance and the stage since her childhood.
Like many other young girls, she started with ballet, which she learned in the Antwerp Basic Ballet School ‘Prinsstraat’. She was a member of the Ballet van Vlaanderen musical company as a child.